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Gina took care of my beloved but finicky cats while I was away for a weekend. They're generally very skittish around strangers, and one of them will even go for days without eating if she is nervous or uncomfortable.  But they did great with Gina, and she was fantastic with them.  I appreciated her professionalism as much as I appreciated her way with animals.  She asked all the right questions, and I felt completely confident that if something unexpected did come up, Gina would handle it perfectly.  Her help made for a completely relaxing weekend away.


Kristen Stoimenoff

Thank you again for taking care of Casey and Finnegan, our two black
labs, while we were away for a mini vacation. You surely went above and
beyond the call of duty in letting our pups cuddle with you in the
evening and cleaning up after them in the back yard. I found your
stay-over rate to be really reasonable, and we had extra piece of mind
that someone was at the house keeping the dogs entertained while we were
out of town. When we got home, Casey and Finnegan greeted us as usual,
but did not seem stressed a bit. We very much appreciated the
opportunity to meet you, and are looking forward to working with you
again soon!


Stephen Begley

Gina of Reigning Cats & Dogs provided expert care for my 3 1/2 year old English Shepherd. An out of town trip required dog care. I did not want to board my dog in a kennel, and Gina made it possible to leave the dog in her own home. Feeding & walks were the personalized touch needed,and appreciated.

David Hopkins

Again thank you for taking such great care of our dogs. It's truly
comforting to know they are enjoying their time as much as we are enjoying
ours. This is the first time I have left them knowing everything will be
taken care of and I didn't have to worry like I usually do. My husband was glad I finally left without
worrying about the dogs.

Loreen Skinner