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Furry Friends & Family

Gina & Wylie

"Our dog Wylie adores Gina and looks forward to all of their visits together!"

Butte, MT

"Take it from Caddy....if you want a pet sitter that is compassionate and reliable, call my friend Gina at Reigning Cats and Dogs! In addition to taking care of pets, she also was a great supporting soul for the worried parents when their pets were sick."

Austin, TX


"I am probably best-qualified to comment since I've spent over 17 years watching my wife care for the many wonderful animals we've raised together.  She is patient and loving (sometimes more than she is with me) to the point of perhaps spoiling them rotten, but they treasure her and miss her when she's gone."

Helena, MT

"Bo got to stay with Gina overnight when I got married.  He had a ball!"

Austin, TX


"Gina was saddened by the loss of our former dog, Duke.  They got along so well.  This is our new dog Kael, and he can't wait to meet her!"

Mahtomedi, MN

"My dad is a realtor who worked with Gina.  Every time they went to a house with animals, the animals couldn't wait to visit with her.  She's just got a way with us!"

Chester, Mark's Dog
Helena, MT


"Our dogs, Lozen and Skadie, fell in love with Gina the first time they met her. When she visits and they hear her voice, they get so excited Lozen, who doesn't bark, makes her voice known."

Butte, MT

"My name is Lizzie and Gina is my cousin.  When she came to visit us after a very long absence (way before I was born) she made a bigger fuss over me than my Mom and Dad!"

Staten Island, NY

"Gina used to be my neighbor.  When we met for the second time, she remembered my name, not my Dad's!"

Butte, MT

"Gina spent a few days with me this summer and we really hit it off...I showed her the neighborhood since she was unfamiliar with it and we both got some exercise!  She didn't make me wear this silly skunk costume; that was my parents' doing.  Pretty funny though, huh?"

Larchmont, NY


"Gina is a true animal lover and one of the most trustworthy, loving people any individual or family would want to leave their pets with.  I should know as we have known each other since we were five years old.
You will NEVER have to worry about their overall care, feeding schedule, medicines (if any) or sticking with the routine you have established.
Most of all, your pets will receive nothing but dedicated, attentive and loving care.
So don’t look any further for your dog sitter. Call Gina; you will not be disappointed!!"

Lexington Park, MD